Hello Again!

I am really bad at posting stuff! Especially on my blog. I just wanted to let whoever’s reading this know that I AM alive.

I am a fanfiction writer. You can find me on Fanfiction.net as angelslaugh, on FictionPad (under the same name, I think), on Wattpad as lolangelz, on Quotev as Evelyn Skye…

If you do decide to visit me there, note that I do not appreciate people who steal stories and try to pass them off as theirs. It’s rude, okay? So please don’t do it.

Um… Well, I think that’s all I was really going to say for now. I’ll update as quick as I can!

~me 😀


Hi, I’m angelslaugh. Nice to meet you! You may have heard of me on a few other sites. If not, I’m usually on Fanfiction.net. Or Wattpad as lolangelz. Thanks for taking the time to read my short blog!